Sailing in Sussex – Storing Yachting Equipment Locally

Over the last winter season, I needed a safe place for storing yachting equipment locally in Sussex. After looking around for a reliable and affordable storage company, I discovered Wynnes Removals & Storage, a company that specialises in providing local storage facilities for business, commercial and personal use. Wynnes is located on the south coast of the UK, just 20 minutes from Brighton.

I was impressed with their response to all my initial enquiries. They displayed a high level of professionalism.

Wynnes staff Laurence and Paul were very friendly and they provided a very good storage space to keep my precious boating gear. Because I was going to store the equipment for up to 3 months, I was given a discount and the first week of storage was provided free of charge. Within 24 hours after I called to tell them about my desire to pick up my equipment, Wynness provided staff to help me load my boating equiment into a truck. I also had the option of requesting for the items to be transported to my location. I had a great experience with Wynnes Comprar Libid Gel and I will gladly recommend them to you.

Tips for Storing Your Boating and Fishing Equipment

It is very important to store your boating and fishing equipment properly, during the off season. This will enable you to return with functional equipment in spring. Here are some storage tips and precautions that will help you to avoid problems after winter.

Disassemble your reels so you can clean and oil them. Lubricate the moving parts so they do not become stiff due to corrosion.
Examine your rods for loose winding wraps and worn guides. Replace worn guides and coat them with spar varnish.

Store your rods with sleeves so that the butt and tip sections will not be mismatched.
Keep your rods in a vertical position and ensure that they are stored at at normal room temperature to prevent deterioration of the fibreglass or graphite.
Store fly lines in loose coils so that they will not tangle or kink in spring.
Sharpen or replace bent or rusty hooks.

Clean and coat the blade of your fillet knife with light oil before storing it in winter.
With these tips, you should be able to retrieve your fishing and boating gear in good condition and put them to use immediately after the winter. Next, lets look at the things to consider when selecting a storage facility.

What To Look For When Choosing A Local Storage Company

With the variety of companies offering self storage services in Sussex, you need to make sure that the company you choose can meet your needs. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when assessing storage companies.

A Variety of Storage Unit Sizes

Most storage businesses provide a wide range of storage unit sizes. It is vital to confirm that your provider can meet your storage needs adequately. So you need to put your gear together and take their measurement with a tape rule. Remember to keep items like rods in a vertical position. Then you can provide detailed measurements that will enable the company to assign a suitable storage unit for your equipment.

Exclusive Access

You should be the only one who has the key to the room where your yachting equipment are stored unless you grant the company the right to access it. Regardless of the size of your equipment, please refuse to store your equipment in a crate which will be placed in a communal space with other client’s goods. This will compromise the security of your expensive equipment.

Sufficient Ventilation and Suitable Temperature

Your storage room should be properly ventilated to prevent moisture, odours, and mould from building up on your equipment. Remember that a warm and moist environment will promote the growth of fungi and eventually cause rust and rapid deterioration of any metal parts. When you are inspecting the storage room, look out for fresh air vents and ensure that there is no stale odour in the room. Since you will be using the facility in winter, the storage room must be thermally insulated to prevent a significant drop in the temperature of the room.

Adequate Security

You cannot afford to compromise on security in a business storage unit. The minimum security standard for self storage units in the UK is to have CCTV cameras on 24 hour surveillance to monitor access and exit areas. At any point in time, the company should be able to provide video recording for a minimum of 14 days. In addition, the building housing the storage rooms should be surrounded by a secure perimeter fence and it should have well-monitored fire and security alarms.

Well Written Legal Contract

In the UK, the self storage industry is self-regulated. So you must have a legally binding contract between you and the storage company. This enables you to maintain your rights to access your goods exclusively and provides a definite statement on what could happen to your boating gear if you do not pay promptly for the storage service.

Insurance Cover

Yachting equipment is quite expensive, so you must ensure that the storage provider offers substantial insurance cover for them while they are in their custody. In some cases, you may need to work with a third party to obtain sufficient insurance. Reputable storage companies like Wynnes offer insurance cover worth £50,000.

Good Customer Support

Choose a storage company that provides staff at the storage site on a 24-hour basis. When you visit the company, you should meet an employee that can take you around the storage units and explain the terms in the storage contract. A well-staffed storage facility adds additional security and scares away thieves.

Affordable Prices

Investigate as many options as you can rather than just selecting the facility that is very close to you. For instance, if you are residing in the city centre, you may find a cheaper and reliable storage facility on the outskirts of the city. This will drastically reduce your total storage costs.


That was a brief discussion on effective local storage of yachting equipment in winter. If you need to store your boating gear safely during winter you should consider using the storage facility similar to that of Wynnes, in order to ensure your stuff is safe, secure and the costs of storage are affordable.