Sailing in Sussex – Storing Yachting Equipment Locally

Over the last winter season, I needed a safe place for storing yachting equipment locally in Sussex. After looking around for a reliable and affordable storage company, I discovered Wynnes Removals & Storage, a company that specialises in providing local storage facilities for business, commercial and personal use. Wynnes is located on the south coast of

Day Skipper Sailing Tuition – Part 3

One of the many things we are going to be teaching you is how to sail a triangular course. If you can send a triangular course. You can sail all points of sailing. The first point, close hold, close hold is always close to the wind as I pointed out the wind is coming from

Day Skipper Sailing Tuition – Part 1

Ahoy! Welcome to our short guide for day skipper sailing. In this 3 part series we will teach you about navigation, your chart work, rules of the road, boat handling, all the things you’re going to need so that when you step up to the mark. And you’re behind the wheel of one of the