About Us

Welcome to our website, from Charlie B.

Having hired a range of boats over the years and acting as an advisor to others, I decided to keep busy in my retirement and create my own boat charter company. Its not been plain sailing for sure since starting up in 2007. But having grown our fleet of boats available for hire, our south coast based outfit has provided a great many happy adventures for a number of families, experienced crews and budding savvy sailors on the high seas.

My wife and I always liked to hire boats and take trips around the coasts of the UK, US and Canada etc, We still love to travel. So as well as providing contact details for those who are looking to hire either yachts or motor boats, we also thought we would use the site to publish a bunch of boating tips and sailing advice.

One day we will even get round to adding a page for each boat on offer, not just ours, but from a range of boat charter firms we have used and grown to trust over the years.

With this in mind, we hope you will find some good information about buying, selling and renting boats, and do hope you will come back soon to keep updated.

Happy Sailing! Charlie Baiter. Portsmouth UK,