learn how to sail a boat

Day Skipper Sailing Tuition – Part 3

One of the many things we are going to be teaching you is how to sail a triangular course. If you can send a triangular course. You can sail all points of sailing. The first point, close hold, close hold is always close to the wind as I pointed out the wind is coming from over there, we want to sail as close to that as we .

We have our sail pulled in tight, everything waist in nice and tight. And you bring the boat up on the wind, until that jib just start to lift, you start getting the wind around the back. And you get a bubble, take a left and lean a little bit more. Continue reading

Day Skipper Sailing Tuition – Part 2

What are we going to learn in part 2? We’re going to take our mooring lines our walks off the with a half turn and make them fast back on the boat. We’re going to set them to slip we’re going to set them to slip Elizabeth. If you’d like to take off the Oxo from their past that back up to me on the and we’ll make it fast up there.

Don’t forget when we leave we all leave together. Everybody is on the boat at the same time. There’s none of this pushing the boat off from the pontoon. We’re all on the boat we release our morning walks from the boat. Continue reading