Day Skipper Sailing Tuition – Part 1

Ahoy! Welcome to our short guide for day skipper sailing. In this 3 part series we will teach you about navigation, your chart work, rules of the road, boat handling, all the things you’re going to need so that when you step up to the mark. And you’re behind the wheel of one of the great boats you will be skippering – not only do you understand how it all works, but you feel confident in doing it.

Let’s take a look onboard, one of the key things you’ll notice. When you become a day skipper is that dreaded word, responsibility. You’re going to be responsible not only for forty one foot of yacht, but for the safety of your crew and of course yourself. With responsibility, you need to be aware of how the system on a boat works. A boat is one of the last places, thankfully not run by a committee.

On board here, Skipper is King. But the king needs a good crew. And the interface between the skipper and the crew is paramount to a boat working properly. Continue reading